Digital Takeoff Software Helps Contractors Take on More Bids

February 20th, 2013  |  Published in technology

digital takeoff software wins workEvery profitable estimate starts with an accurate takeoff. By using digital takeoff software, contractors can experience significant time and cost savings, and ultimately have the capacity to bid more jobs. The software can also help eliminate costly errors and improve accuracy, helping contractors achieve better profit margins.

How does digital takeoff software work?

Estimators can accomplish digital takeoffs by simply downloading digital plan files from an online plan room, scanning in plans, or uploading plans from a CD-ROM. Then they can perform a takeoff quickly and accurately right on their computer monitor.

Not only does this increase accuracy and speed, but also allows contractors to rid themselves of the cost and hassle of paper blueprints – piles and piles of paper blueprints!

Digital takeoff software also gives estimators the ability to overlay addendum drawings, flag changes, and eliminate the possibility of missing the changes and additional costs.

That means estimators no longer need to blindly trust the annotations made by the general contractor or engineers, or have the frustration of trying to eye-identify all of the plan changes on bid day in an extremely short time period, which could result in costly errors or losing the job.

Get More Work, Make More Money

Ultimately, digital takeoff software supports something very important most to construction companies – getting more work to make more money! It helps construction estimators quickly and accurately takeoff plans with ease, and so bid more work in less time and with superior precision. And that helps contractors to win more jobs, have greater efficiency, cut costs, and increase profitability.

Watch this free demo video to see how software for digital takeoff and estimating helps contractors increase speed and accuracy while cutting costs and paper processes. 

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