Construction Management Software Chosen for Seamless Workflow

February 6th, 2013  |  Published in technology

Just because estimators, accounting professionals, and project managers are focused on specific areas of business does not mean that they have no need to collaborate or would not benefit from construction management software.

In the construction world, it’s quite the contrary. Collaboration is critical to bidding work worth winning, managing financials for stability, and executing projects for best profit.

Take, for example, how a certain demolition and site work contractor chose to replace manual processes, pen and paper, and QuickBooks with a single, all-in-one construction management software solution in order to achieve a smarter workflow, efficient processes, and proactive management, while connecting those in the office and those on job sites.

“Having all the information in one place is a huge benefit,” explained the firm’s accounting coordinator. “We don’t have to run around and pull teeth to get information. If a job goes south, we can easily see why and how. It’s all in [the complete solution] and it has created a smarter workflow. We can’t put a dollar value on that.”

The company’s estimator/project manager has also realized the value of software that allows seamless workflow:

“I can go right in and see costs, payables, receivables, and much more. It is so much easier than having to make phone calls and wait for others to be free to look up the data I need. Now, I have access at any time.”

The contractor’s previous methods were reactive and time-consuming and could be laden with oversights and unbillable mistakes. Now with a complete construction management software solution, the company has increased accuracy, efficiency, and saved money.

Perhaps their accounting coordinator explains it best:

“With our jobs in [the single solution] being managed from point A to point Z – the entire process – the biggest cost savings will be in the increased productivity of our staff. [The software] is allowing us to have better profit margins on jobs by identifying red flags ahead of time.

Download this free case study to learn more about how this construction company enhanced many areas of their business.


You’ll see how the contractor is improving information exchange from the field to the office for more effective collaboration, productivity, and profitable project management.

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