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Estimating Software for Contractors Takes Off in Popularity with Easy-to-Use Features

December 26th, 2012  |  Published in business

Many contractors often struggle with shuffling papers back and forth, which impacts time and accuracy, and means they lacked the data needed to understand how to produce bids for optimal profit. But the most profit-conscious construction business owners are implementing estimating software for contractors to streamline processes, track bids from cradle to grave, cut estimating time, and ultimately have a good source of data to improve decision making for best profit.

After implementing estimating software for contractors, one estimator explained:

Using the solution, we can gather data, such as what types of jobs give us the biggest profit margin and what are filler projects for our crews, and determine whether we have the cash flow we need. It’s is a real time-saver and helps us run our business more strategically.”

Most valued estimating software solutions offer comprehensive databases of historical pricing on cost items for materials, equipment, and labor, which are stored in a single, central location. And seamless takeoff and estimating software allows a process that eliminates the time and errors associated with re-entering information, often needed if using manual methods or disparate systems.

In addition, such a solution allows contractors to look more carefully at the scope of work required. That helps estimators to save time and develop more competitive bids.

Leading estimating software for contractors also lets users to go back and look at the difference between current prices and prices used for past bids. With that insight, estimators can quickly clone similar bids, make easy adjustments, and be more competitive on their future bids.

Download this free case study to see how construction software saves significant time across processes and runs business more strategically, thanks to estimating software for contractors.


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Construction Software Investment for Financial Stability

December 19th, 2012  |  Published in technology

Today’s innovations in construction software help contractors to improve decision-making, workflow processes, communication, and more.

If you fall into any of these three categories, then evaluating construction software to improve your company’s processes and profitability will be a smart decision:

  1. It’s a daily struggle to find the information you need, when you need it;
  2. You aren’t sure if you’re losing money or making money, or why; or,
  3. You’ve outgrown your current system for estimating, accounting, or project management.

For the best investment, you want to consider using a construction software solution that allows you to:

  • Manage with real-time accurate information
  • Improve efficiency and cut costs
  • Streamline processes
  • Increase profit on every project
  • Improve financial stability

And critically valuable is having estimating, accounting, and project management work in a single seamless system. Why? Well, each on the team – whether an estimator, in accounting, a project manager, or the business owner – has his or her own set of needs when it comes to the technology, and the right fit for everyone is critical to using the system and overall success.

If a company invests in construction software that only serves one person or department in the business, then that can ultimately be costly – due to disconnects and silos within in the organization, and redundancies and duplication of processes.

Construction software that allows and enhances communication, allows all users to share access to real-time information that resides in one central location. This increases productivity, collaboration, and so, overall profitability from original plan takeoff to final cash payment on every project.

Plus, the latest offerings in construction software technology encourage anytime, anywhere access to project information via mobile devices and web-based applications. These solutions allow contractors to more efficiently stay informed about project activity, while reducing risk.

Download this article to read about the impact of technology in construction today. The article, published by AGC (Associated General Contractors of America), spotlights how contractors use construction software to enhance collaboration and workflow between those working in the office and those in the field.

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Web-Based Construction Project Management Software Enhances External Communication

December 12th, 2012  |  Published in business

web based construction softwareConstruction companies can eliminate duplicate entry of information, as well as organize and share documentation and access it quickly and easily by implementing web-based construction project management software.

Such a solution can help improve communication not only among team members within a construction business, but also between third-parties involved, including design professionals, stakeholders, subcontractors, vendors, and more.

For example, contractors can use a web-based solution to simplify the process of bid solicitation and managing bidder responses, and then when a bid is won, project managers can take decisive steps to complete projects on schedule and within budget.

Also, project managers can properly track approval statuses and ball-in-court responsibility for key project items, which further keeps everyone focused and accountable. For instance, contractors can use the online file sharing and discussion forums to speed approval of Submittals and RFIs, as well as can efficiently capture daily field data from when and where it happens, and so never miss another deadline due to lost paperwork or neglected documents.

Furthermore, with integrated online scheduling, reporting, alerts, collaboration, and document control, contractors can complete projects as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In summary, a web-based construction project management software solution helps contractors to easily collaborate, stay organized, and work efficiently toward best profit while getting every project completed in a safe, productive, and timely manner.

Watch this free video to see the powerful features of a web-based construction project management software solution and how it could positively impact how you run operations at your business with greater speed, collaboration, and control.

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