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Construction Management Software Improves Revenue, Fits All

October 24th, 2012  |  Published in business

An article published in the October 2012 issue of Construction Executive magazine shared that when successful construction business owners question how to make the most of what they have, as well as seek ways to increase their revenue without driving up overhead costs and putting their bottom line at risk… they realize that construction management software proves to be a worthy investment.

Evaluating existing technology investments and determining whether the company is leveraging all the features and functionality in its software programs also can help ensure optimal productivity and profitability.

Contractors must ensure the right construction management software is in place, whether it means investing in a new solution or evaluating existing software.

Get the training necessary for software features that are not being used to their fullest potential, make necessary upgrades to versions with more functionality and evaluate the technology platform to ensure it fits the organization’s current needs while having the flexibility to grow with the business.

By optimizing the right technology solutions (and maximizing existing investments), construction executives can run their businesses more effectively, streamline processes, reduce expenses and anticipate profit in an economy where breaking even has become the norm.

Finding the Right Fit for All

Many contractors invest in various software solutions to automate processes for different aspects of business operations—such as takeoff and estimating, job cost accounting, payroll and reporting—and better manage projects, finances, equipment, employees, procurement, inventory and subcontractors.

When all team members can access the same data, project documents can be created, tracked, organized, routed and managed more easily—opening communication, adding accountability and streamlining processes across the organization. With advancements in mobile technology, finding construction management software solution that enables access via a mobile device will help connect the team in the office with the field crew.

Download this free case study to see how an all-in-one construction management software solution helped a successful contractor improve accuracy, maximize productivity, and increase profit across their business.


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Construction Project Management Software Improves Sharing and Scheduling

October 17th, 2012  |  Published in technology

When contractors need to improve speed, collaboration, and control, they look to the latest web-based solutions of construction project management software.

Construction project managers and business owners should look to use a solution that allows seamless capabilities for bidding, budgeting, scheduling, field reporting, documents, resources, cost control, and more.

With real-time, secure access to schedules and documents, contractors can conveniently and effectively manage project planning and execution for best possible profit.

During evaluation of products, consider choosing a solution that:

  • Simplifies the process of bid solicitation and managing bidder responses
  • Provides integrated online scheduling, reporting, alerts, collaboration, and document control
  • Offers Interactive Gantt chart and resource allocation schedule all in one online tool
  • Ensures you can efficiently capture daily field data from where and when it happens
  • Automates daily alerts to identify late tasks, documents, and punch list items and so keep priorities in focus
  • Provides discussion forums for approval of documents such as Submittals and RFIs
  • Organizes documents in a central location to search and find information quickly

With these capabilities that allow contractors to securely view up-to-the-minute schedules and information – anytime, anywhere – construction project management software helps to complete projects as efficiently and effectively as possible for maximum profit.

Just imagine the impact on the company overall if you were able to eliminate duplicate entry of information, organize and access information quickly, and share documentation easily. Think of the ways you could minimize or mitigate risk by knowing if documents are overdue and how that may affect a schedule.

Download this free product information to learn about the benefits of using web-based construction project management software to have accurate answers faster, make decisions with real-time data, and complete projects efficiently and effectively.

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Contractor Software for Empowered Owner Decisions

October 10th, 2012  |  Published in business

Having the right team in place – including estimators, project managers, accounting team, and laborers in the field, and the management at the top – is essential to running a profitable construction business. To complement that right team, choose contractor software that empowers each team member to be successful in his or her individual role.

Why? Well, when software for contractors fits, then each person has the tools and processes to help them efficiently tackle daily tasks. But more importantly, the construction company has a solution that allows all team members, those working in and out of the office, to communicate and collaborate with each other.

So what value does the construction business owner see? Owners can achieve optimal productivity and profitability across the business!

When using contractor software that is complete and used by the entire team, the company has ways to maximize the resources they have, accomplish more in less time, and gain an advantage on their competition.

Critically important, owners with the right software have the ability to track and measure jobs correctly, and so problems can be promptly identified and corrected, or even better, prevented.

By tracking true project performance, owners can:

  • Be confident in the company’s performance with better insight into variance items
  • Have flexibility needed to apply methods in order to execute jobs for optimal profit
  • Have end-to-end visibility of every project
  • Access valuable business intelligence at a glance
  • Eliminate the need to wait for others to produce reports or dig around for details
  • Manage by exception and easily identify areas of the business that need attention

Watch this free 3-piece video to see how contractor software that allows all-in-one construction management workflow provides owners with the ideal solution to maximize resources, minimize risk, and increase profitability.

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Contractor Estimating Software for Fixed-Price Contracts

October 3rd, 2012  |  Published in technology

Many construction projects may experience cost overruns. A general contractor will try to obtain fixed-price contracts from the subcontractors on a project in order to prevent those cost overruns from affecting his or her own bottom line. Subcontractors can leverage contractor estimating software for precise estimates to maintain accountability and profit in these scenarios.

Let’s use electrical contractors to expand on this. Electrical contractors negotiate various types of contracts with customers. Contracts result from open competitive bids, negotiated contracts with established customers, and new customers. Once negotiated, most contracts are fixed-price, with the contractor bearing the risk of changes in material and labor costs. About half of a contractor’s costs are for materials and equipment; over 40 percent for labor.

Regarding the risk of fixed-price contracts, electrical contractors bear the risk of material and labor cost fluctuations with fixed price contracts. If estimates are inaccurate or commodity prices too volatile, contractors could lose money on projects. Long-term projects are especially vulnerable to inaccurate fixed-price estimates.

Using contractor estimating software, subcontractors can:

  • Quickly and accurately quantify, price, and bid projects
  • Easily view various costs for a project to make decisions
  • Properly manage the buying process for projects to ensure items are purchased at the best possible prices – especially important when bearing the risk of changes in material and labor costs

Download this free case study to see how estimating software for contractors helped an electrical contractor quadruple the time saved during plan takeoffs and have more confidence with bids by calculating within 1% of complete accuracy. They can bid more work with the same number of estimators.

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