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Contractor Accounting Software Restores Confidence, Reduces Risk

September 26th, 2012  |  Published in business

contractor accounting software restores confidenceWhen construction business owners and controllers replace disparate programs, spreadsheets, software applications, and piles of paper with contractor accounting software, the company can better manage financials while having new ways to save time, control costs, increase accuracy, and improve accountability across processes.

By spending less time coordinating data and exchanging documents, contractors can instead dedicate that time to more profit-focused financial and accounting activities.

How is that possible? By using a contractor accounting software solution that allows seamless functionality for Accounts Payable, Job Ledger, General Ledger, Project Costing, Payroll, and Purchase Orders. Not only does this help construction financial managers have confidence that project costing is in sync with other financial data, but also maintains historical detail and an accurate audit trail.

When evaluating accounting software for contractors, also be sure that the solution lets you maintain security and manage financials with confidence and flexibility. With a comprehensive system, you can more easily know true job costs, manage purchasing, track materials, process and manage payroll, handle billing, run financial reports, and more.

All that is possible by using software that allows you to work quickly and accurately with single data entry and easy access to real-time business intelligence. You can stop patching together different systems that require work-arounds. You can stop questioning accuracy of data.

Download this free article to help assess if you’re suffering obstacles that can be overcome by using software that improves contractor accounting and business management.

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General Contractor Software Impacts Trends in Residential Construction

September 19th, 2012  |  Published in technology

general contractor softwareWhether you are a large or small residential builder, your business could be significantly impacted by current business trends. Don’t worry, you have the power… if like many builders you have wisely invested in general contractor software. Because as a Greek philosopher said: “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

A lot of it comes down to competition:

  • In the coming year, the ten largest homebuilders may account for half of all new home sales, according to Builder magazine.
    • Large homebuilders enjoy economies of scale, with national purchasing power for materials and greater access to capital, and national firms will continue to grow through acquisitions.
    • Small homebuilders will likely continue build about 30 homes per year because of the intensely local nature of real estate.
    • General contractor software can be leveraged to improve bidding capacity, tighten numbers with accuracy of cost database for  materials, etc., while increasing profit margin and handling negotiations with confidence.
  • More commercial builders are considering residential construction an extension of their regular business, which  heightens an already competitive marketplace.
    • Although homebuilding involves different skills and different demand cycles, commercial builders are attracted by the often higher margins, although homebuilding offers increased risks.
    • Again, residential builders can utilize software for general contractors to bid more work with less estimating overhead,  increase productivity across operations, improve financial stability to help secure bonding, and stay competitive by keeping people in the office in sync with those in the field.

Whatever size your business, you could undoubtedly benefit from using industry-specific software general contractors to improve your bidding process, your labor and material allocation, the way your team communicates and collaborates, and managing changes for maximum profitability.

Watch a free online demo to learn more about the capabilities of software that improves your estimating, accounting, project management, and more, so that you are better equipped to handle the competition and increase profit on every project.


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Construction Estimating Software Quickly Replacing Old-School Methods

September 12th, 2012  |  Published in business

Are you among the thousands of contractors scratching their heads right now wondering which construction estimating software solution is the right fit?

It’s a rapidly growing trend to replace antiquated methods of scale and paper or roller wheel and spreadsheets.

And it’s a smart investment for any size contractor because redundant steps and once-reliable gut instincts could be holding you back.

After choosing digital takeoff and construction estimating software, Greg Koberstein, president of Koberstein Contracting, said:

“It is a night and day difference. What used to take us a couple of hours to takeoff before, we can now takeoff in about 45 minutes. And, it is more accurate! The process is streamlined and quick. We save days of time during our takeoff and estimating process, we are able to bid more jobs in less time.”

A big part of that speed and success is due to using a single database where estimators can find historical pricing on cost items including materials, equipment, and labor. And unlike typical spreadsheets, it’s all stored in a central location for speedy workflow.

Also, digital takeoff that works seamlessly with construction estimating application significantly improves overall productivity and accuracy. As noted in Construction Executive magazine: “Ultimately, digital takeoff technology speaks to what matters most to contractors when bidding and executing a job: quickly and accurately creating estimates and preventing cost overruns.”

Download this free article to learn more about symptoms that cause pain and profit leak in your processes and how to get relief with software for construction estimating.



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Contractor Software Fits All for Biggest Benefit

September 5th, 2012  |  Published in technology

If you ever feel like each person or department in your company is working independently of each other, then you’re not operating for best productivity. Reduce your stress and scrambling for information by using contractor software that fits everyone involved.

Howard Stearn, controller for E.R. Lewis Construction Co., Inc., uses complete contractor software to help manage the company’s processes from bid to cash and says: “We’re getting bills out more efficiently. We’re getting people paid correctly. We’re making better money now because we know where the money is going. So, the ability for the field and the office to communicate together seamlessly is great.”

There is a contractor software solution on the market that will fit your unique needs. You just have to research, evaluate, compare, and prepare to invest some time and resources to improve your processes and methods.

For the broadest benefits, you’ll want to choose software that can help you:

  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Streamline processes
  • Maximize profits
  • Handle the entire project lifecycle
  • Spot discrepancies and errors
  • Improve financial stability

While evaluating products, be sure to include personalized demonstrations of the contractor software options that make it to your short list. In fact, you can get started right now…

See a demo of the software that Howard has used for great results or be sure to explain with a software representative what your specific trade needs, your challenges, etc. to see a demo of the best fitting solution for you.


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