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Predicting and Preparing for Growth in Construction

July 24th, 2012  |  Published in Uncategorized

Predicting SuccessA wise man said: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” He also said: “When you are face to face with a difficulty, you are up against a discovery.”

So let’s take a peek at the measurements recently reported by FMI and discover what can be done when facing the challenges ahead of us in the coming months.

FMI released the second quarter 2012 Construction Outlook Report (details here). “FMI’s forecast calls for 3 percent growth for construction put in place (CPIP) by the end of 2012, and another 7 percent in 2013, for a total of $882.4 billion. This is $92.6 billion more than the lows of 2011.”

However, FMI acknowledges that slow growth may yet be challenging because it requires improved management.

So with growth on the horizon, what are you doing to improve your construction management methods? Do you have the right tools to use and understand your data? Can you bid quickly and with precision? Do you know your true project costs? Are the answers you need at your fingertips anytime?

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