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Improving Collaboration in Construction

June 21st, 2012  |  Published in Uncategorized

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “Many hands make light work!” then you probably appreciate the practice of collaboration. And it’s true – certainly in construction, if anywhere – that working together is often an efficient way to accomplish goals more quickly that working individually or, worse, at cross purposes.

But it’s important to give attention to the conflicts that must be overcome in order to collaborate well and understand the wasted effort that can happen when not collaboration is not managed or practiced properly.

Consider these natural conflicts in construction collaboration:

Time. Faster to market is a pressure all owners and developers are under. Competitive edges sell future business.

Cost. Keeping costs competitive is expected. Raising value allows extra revenue dollars to be earned. No quality project was ever built by a low-cost team.

Safety. For all project parties, safety is not negotiable. Quality contractors, owners, and designers insist that this be kept at a very high level.

Quality. The user must enjoy consistent benefit over the life of the building or the infrastructure project.

Personalities. Smart, collaborativeteams insist on a culture of “what is right” (versus “who is right”).1

Those who participate in the construction industry as an investor, company owner, or employee must become superior in their collaboration skills. There is not another way to build a quality project. And with all the people involved in any giving project, it is no wonder that collaboration is a pressing need for most construction organizations.1

But to optimize collaboration in your business, be sure to keep an eye on waste that can happen in the process…

Implementing technology and a workflow process that supports your team of collaborators can improve their output and quality of what they do. But know that even within a group of collaborating employees, the required interactions and technology solutions may vary substantially. That’s why the technology partner you choose should provide tools that are flexible enough to enable experimentation, so that usage and adoption are widespread.2

But how do you know where to begin with technology? What’s the right fit? It takes varied talents to accurately perform estimating, efficiently manage accounting and financials, and execute projects profitability. Can you actually have one construction software solution that fits everyone in your construction business?

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