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Contractors Must Maintain Quality Although Tempted to Lower Standards

December 22nd, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized

“The ability to maintain your business’s standards is one of the best indicators of long-term success. Business owners can be under pressure to lower their standards for two main reasons: when conditions are abnormally bad or when they’re abnormally good.”

That’s the take on maintaining quality as presented in an article published by American Express OPEN Forum, an online community of business owners.

Business owners often lower the quality of their offerings if company’s revenues and profits are low, thinking that it’s a survival method and things will turn around. The opposite scenario draws the same owner reaction. If experiencing a flood of work and interest, owners don’t want to turn down business and opportunities for increased revenue, and so cut corners and lower quality standards to meet the demand.

Have you compromised quality? For example:

  • Purchased subpar materials?
  • Took shortcuts with methods, processes, plans?
  • Lowered customer service by reducing personnel?
  • Employed less experienced workers to cut costs on labor?

Maybe you saw a short-term boost to cash flow by lowering standards, but the long-term effect could damage or sink your business. Your customers will feel the impact of poor products and service. Plus you’re sending a message to your competitors, customers, and employees that you care less, choose not to compete, and can’t produce quality the way you used to. Compromising quality is a sure way to lose. Do not concede to the pressures to lower your standards, whether times are good or bad. Maintaining (or enhancing quality) is the way to succeed and stay competitive.  

To read the source article for this blog post, read this OPEN Form item, authored by Mike Periu.

Even during the tough construction market of recent years, Maxwell Systems continued to take its quality offering very seriously. The company has invested in developing an innovative solution from the ground up on Microsoft’s .NET and SQL technology; invested in resources to service and support customers with convenient and reliable tools and information; and made an investment in its development capacity to continue delivering product offerings and updates at an accelerated pace. All of these efforts are to solidify Maxwell Systems’ ability to best meet the needs of contractors and be the ideal technology partner to construction businesses across the industry’s sectors. To learn more about Maxwell Systems and how you can evaluate vendors to be your technology partner, you’re invited to download this free eBook: 7 Reasons for Partner Fit.

How have you demonstrated your company’s quality standards? Invested in software for business management? Demanded your material producers, subcontractors, and employees maintain certain standards on projects?

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