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Mobile Devices Keep Construction Project Managers Moving

July 27th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized

Can a mobile device impact a contractor’s bottom line? Is the iPad gaining ground in the construction industry?

Opinions and articles answering these questions have been published by popular magazines such as:

Construction Business Owner – “Mobile technology has gained much ground in the construction marketplace, with interest and adoptions peaking as prices are dropping. Devices are generally more affordable than they used to be, and user-friendly applications are being tailored to the unique needs of construction. For example, a complete construction software solution with an iPad application allows contractors to access valuable information (such as plans, project budget and billing schedules, resource requirements, required forms, change orders, issues filed and their status and contact information). Often on the move, contractors can easily track the progress of projects, become more agile in the field and better account for all aspects of the job from beginning to end. Contractors can eliminate the bulk and hassle of managing with traditional job folders or binders, which present an assortment of time-consuming challenges, including locating information, updating data and sharing project details.” The article in its entirety can be read here.

Construction Executive – “Construction companies utilizing a complete software solution and mobile devices are able to set a new pace for project execution (with rapid response to issues and confident decision-making), while effectively managing projects throughout the lifecycle to minimize risks, stay on schedule and budget, and maximize profitability. This software and device solution helps contractors to compete for bids and additional profit with tools to easily track and manage change orders in real-time directly from the field. Contractors can analyze, identify, estimate, budget, propose, execute and bill for the variety of changes that occur during project execution. This leads to additional profit.” The article in its entirety can be read here.

Have you utilized a mobile device like the iPad to help manage construction projects? Are there specific applications of great benefit to contractors? What’s been your investment (financial, time to learn, etc.) in implementing and using these new technologies? 

Note of disclosure: These particular articles were authored by Maxwell Systems President & CEO Jim Flynn.
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