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Technology Helps Construction Bidding in New Regions

April 13th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized

Seems quite timely to think about exploring new territory as this week we mark 50 years since man’s first journey into space. With that in mind, where are contractors headed these days? Exploring new frontiers? Actually… yes!

Prompted by the recession and fierce competition for fewer construction projects, many general contractors are exploring alternative ways to win projects, such as lowering bids, taking on new types of construction, and moving down-market to work on smaller projects.

Another approach many are taking … bidding on projects in new regions to find work. This is the trend addressed in a recent article by Houston Neal published by Software Advice that explains how various technologies can level the playing field and help contractors more easily research, bid, win, and manage projects in other regions:

  • Online plan rooms help contractors find jobs in other regions. They allow them to browse construction projects by type, by trade, and by location; view and download plans and specifications to estimate costs and bid on the job.
  • Bid management software helps contractors bid on jobs in other regions. Like virtual brokers, the software can help buyers (i.e. general contractors) connect with sellers (i.e. subcontractors and suppliers).
  • Takeoff and estimating software allows contractors to create the cost estimates required to bid on projects in other regions. The software can accurately calculate the cost for any category of construction in any region.
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) gives contractors a holistic view of a project throughout its lifecycle so they can build projects better, faster and cheaper.
  • Cloud or web-based project management software allows GCs to monitor the progress of a project in real-time.  

What will the future hold for you? Construction jobs in outer space?? Hmmmm…

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Are you a contractor who’s now bidding on jobs outside of your region? Have you been using technology to help you bid and manage that work?

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